This project was an existing Cadillac dealership located in Fremont that has been renovated as well as expanded to the new Cadillac design standards.

This project, located in Brentwood, CA, is a new construction concrete tilt up building which is intended to be offices with a large warehouse.

This project was a canopy addition to Power Sports in Elk Grove.

This project consisted of a partial renovation of an existing structure and renovation of the auto service department as well as new construction of the auto sales showroom and office at the Cadillac dealership in South San Francisco.

A glimpse into our construction progress at the Dublin Kia Dealership which was an existing dealership being renovated to meet new Kia design standards.

This project is a concrete tilt up building intended to be an office with a large warehouse in the near future.

This project was a 38,135Sq ft. full build out of the Cadillac Dealership in South San Francisco.

Partial Demolition of an Existing Structure and Renovation for an Auto Service Department. New Construction of Cadillac auto Sales Showroom and Offices, As Well As the Addition of a New Auxiliary Car Wash Building. New Utilities to Serve the Site Will Be Installed and New Pavement Throughout.

New 1,070SF unconditioned storage space added to existing liquor mart, including a new external shipping container shed and fa├žade upgrades