What We do

HAGGERTY’s purpose is to build, restore, and maintain your story; advising you through all steps of planning, preparation, production and presentation. Throughout the construction process we drive our mission and values to ensure complete team collaboration and accountability through development of excellent people, quality projects and a culture of safety. Our supportive team celebrates our wins and learns from our losses, focusing on growth and development: fine tuning our skills to provide clients a trusted and knowledgeable construction team.

Recent Projects

Cushman & WAkefield

Interior office remodel in an existing building. Alteration to existing non-structural non rated office partitions. 


This project consisted of a complete Remodel and Façade of an existing space at sherwood mall to create over 50,000 SF...

UPs Lathrop

This two-part project consisted of shop upgrades as well as construction of a new conference room for the UPS Hub....

Holly A&B

This project consisted of a tenant improvement to three separate units of a large warehouse building (Holly A, Holly B...

Who We’ve Worked With

“WOW! You guys are professional, thorough and timely. I like the way you handle things. Good Job!” 

Ted Hutz

“I am very satisfied with the quality of personnel and materials. Workmanship was outstanding! I will refer Haggerty to all of my family and friends. 2 Thumbs up!!”

Richard Chaffino

“I plan on using Haggerty in the future for remodel or construction work. The team was timely and professional!”

Sylvia Thomas

“I have been doing business with Haggerty Construction since their beginning and have never regretted it.  Over the years we have done many projects together including Tenant Improvements, design builds, a fire pump and pumphouse and restoration projects.”  Haggerty completes the projects on time, on budget and at the highest quality.”

Rick Goucher


Colma Cadillac Job Progress

Partial Demolition of an Existing Structure and Renovation for an Auto Service Department. New Construction of Cadillac auto Sales Showroom and...

Manteca Liquor Mart Framing

New 1,070SF unconditioned storage space added to existing liquor mart, including a new external shipping container shed and façade upgrades